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AAOR Pickup - May 8,  2023
Bridgestone Pickup -March 23, 2023
Equine Rescue & Stephens Auction Pickup -March 11, 2023
Whiskey Rd Pickup - Feb 4, 2023
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Clean Up Aiken!

Serving All of Aiken County, South Carolina

Join Us in cleaning up and working to stop roadside littering
in Aiken County, SC.

Over 1200 Volunteers Strong

 Clean Up Aiken!


Clean Up Aiken! Inc. 


Clean Up Aiken! Inc. (CUA) is a volunteer organization that works to clean up and stop road side litter in Aiken County, South Carolina.


To facilitate roadside cleanup campaigns for organizations and individuals through our membership of community volunteers.
Clean Up Aiken! provides campaigns with a process for scheduling and implementing cleanups that are simplified and turnkey for effective roadside litter removal.
Our mission also includes public awareness projects designed to educate the community on the impact of litter on Aiken County.

Join us in this important mission. 


Volunteers are the heart of Clean Up Aiken!
It would not be possible to continue our mission without your dedication and hard work. Whether joining a roadside trash pickup or making a donation, your continued support makes for a more beautiful Aiken County, SC


Mailing Address

P O Box 7113
Aiken, SC 29804

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